#BeeWell Neighbourhood Data Hive


#BeeWell is a programme, co-created with young people, in which we are surveying the domains and drivers of wellbeing of pupils in secondary schools across Greater Manchester on an annual basis from autumn 2021, using the data generated to deliver positive change in our schools and communities. #BeeWell is a collaboration between the University of Manchester, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and Anna Freud.

The annual #BeeWell survey is the first of its kind across a city-region and has heard from and has heard from more than 63,000 young people to date.

This year (2023-24), pupils in Year 10 in secondary schools across Greater Manchester completed the #BeeWell survey. As part of the survey, they provided their residential postcode, which enables us to map their aggregated data across the neighbourhoods of the city-region.

The result is the #BeeWell Neighbourhood Data Hive: an interactive and dynamic data dashboard that enables users to explore the domains and drivers of young people's wellbeing.

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This dashboard is intended to be used to promote the wellbeing of communities across Greater Manchester. It captures the voice of young people across the city region and should be used as a starting point for conversations with young people about their experiences and their lives. We hope it will allow stakeholders across Greater Manchester to celebrate strengths, identify opportunities for improving support and share best practice.